****** SPOILERS ********

Phase 1
There are codes on some of the SAO Backs
1. Participant - uggcf://pelcgbpunyyr
2. Organizer - "Seriously, you looked here?"
3. Sponsor - "Check a different one"
4. Village - "Nope, Not on this one!"
5. Speaker - "Not on Here!"
6. Volunteer - atrf.pbz/23bejung.ugzy
7. BadgePirate - "Seriously, you though we would put it here!"

Phase 1 Answers
First Code is ROT23 to "https://cryptochalle"
Second Code is ROT23 to "nges.com/23orwhat.html"
Combine to get https://cryptochallenges.com/23orwhat.html

Phase 2
Above will lead you to this Website https://cryptochallenges.com/23orwhat.html .. which has an ASCII Art of the Badge Pirate Logo

Phase2 Answers
Encoded in the ASCII is the following text:
If you have found this, then it was not a red herring .. per say. But it did take you away from the CTF so get back on track.
But if you have time, The first 5 to find a Badge Pirate (we have T-shirts and Masks with BadgePirate Logo on them) and let us
know you found the alt Flag by telling us the phrase "You need to get beyond the blinky". We will have a prize for you.
If it is after the CON and you find this .. well tweet us at @BadgePirates the above phrase and we will atleast send a shout out.
Have fun and good luck with the remaining CTF.

In order to get this, just like with regular photos you can stego ASCII too, we used https://pictureworthsthousandwords.appspot.com/

1. Take the ASCII art text
2. remove any HTML code in it
3. Decode